ATI Nutrition C 500ml - Szén pótló

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ATI Nutrition C 500ml - Szén pótló
ATI Nutrition C 500ml - Szén pótló
ATI Nutrition C 500ml - Szén pótló
ATI Nutrition C 500ml - Szén pótló
5 800 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 174 Ft
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The system independent nutrient management system for every aquarium.

No matter whether the element supply of your corals is managed by the Essentials, the Essentials pro, or DIY two or three part systems, with the Nutritions you get the nutrient situation in every aquarium under control.


Element supply:

KH, calcium, magnesium, trace elements

Essentials, Essentials pro, DIY two or three part systems

Nutrient managment:

carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus

Nutritions C, N and P


The Nutritions contain numerous vital active substances, which can be used by your reef inhabitants for the production of energy and building materials. This can significantly increase the growth and vitality of your reef dwellers. This is shown among other things by intensive colored corals.


Become a scientist, work with C:N:P

Every living being consists of cells. Cells are made up of proteins, fats and DNA. The building blocks carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are needed to form these structures.


The ratio in which carbon (C), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) are required for growth is called the C:N:P ratio. It is specific for the different living beings, but the C:N:P ratios of the different living beings hardly differ from each other.
The best known C:N:P ratio is that of phytoplankton (Redfield ratio). It indicates that phytoplankton is composed of 106 parts carbon, 16 parts nitrogen and 1 part phosphorus. Thus, phytoplankton needs 106 parts carbon, 16 parts nitrogen and 1 part phosphorus to grow optimally.

If only one of these building blocks is missing, the reef inhabitants can no longer grow and nitrate and/or phosphate accumulate in the water. The solution: Professional nutrient management with Nutrition C, N and P.


Nutrient managment

Through the right use of Nutrition C, N and P you promote the growth, vitality and coloration of your corals. At the same time you support the development of a healthy ecosystem with a broad biodiversity, in which algae and cyanobacteria find it difficult to establish themselves.

Nitrate Phosphate Nutrition C Nutrition  N Nutrition P
high high Yes No No
high low Yes No Yes
low high Yes Yes No
low low No Yes Yes

Basics of dosing

The different nutritions are cleverly combined based on the current nutrient situation in the aquarium and dosed accordingly to the demand of the reef tank. Use our online calculator to calculate the right dosage for your aquarium.

Adjust dosage of Nutrition C:N:P

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