Modern Reef Biodiversity 1000ml

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Modern Reef Biodiversity 1000ml
The biodiversity of microorganisms in reef aquariums is essential; they act as micro armies to out-compete and feed on common pests like dinoflagellates, cyanobacteria, and other problematic pests in the reef aquarium 100% naturally. Modern Reef BIODiversity will diversify and boost the microfauna in your reef aquarium, from bacteria to filter feeders and copepods to out-compete and feed on unwanted pests that may take over your reef aquariums. Modern Reef BIODiversity will provide your reef with diverse marine bacterial strains, microorganisms, minerals, and nutrients in a lab bio-engineered solution. Modern Reef BIODiversity will benefit your corals indirectly by creating a diversified microbial reef environment which will boost copepods and filter feeders for a more vital reef immune system.

Directions: Shake vigorously and dose in a high-flow area. The cloudiest of water after dosing is normal.

New aquariums: Add 50 ml per 100 liters, preferably after adding live copepods. Repeat once after one week.

Maintenance mode: Add 10ml per 100 liters once or twice a week. It works best when dosed while adding zooplankton and copepods to your reef to solve a pest issue.
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