Modern Reef Ion-X A ioncserélő gyanta 11 liter

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Modern Reef Ion-X A ioncserélő gyanta 11 liter
ION-X A and B are premium high-quality deionisation mixed bed resin for the reverse osmosis system to enable the removal of undesired ions of both negative and positive charges. This will solve the accumulation of unwanted anions and cations in the reef aquarium that may come with the osmosis water.

How to use: In some cases, ION-X A alone can do the job, but in others, you may need to also use ION-X B, depending on the efficiency of your osmosis filter and tap water quality. You can use one or two stages of ION-X A after the final stage of your reverse osmosis system and one of ION-X B at the end. Close the bag ziplock after opening it firmly to avoid drying!
59 000 Ft
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