Modern Reef P- 1000ml foszfátmegkötő

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Modern Reef P- 1000ml foszfátmegkötő
Highly-effective mix based on lanthanum which binds phosphates rapidly and eliminates them from the water. Removes phosphate extremely fast!

Directions: 1 ml of P- in 100 liters will reduce phosphate by 0.1 mg/l. Start by dosing 0.1-0.25 ml per 100 liters. Do not reduce the phosphate concentration by more than 0.01-0.025 mg/l per day! P- is most effective in reef aquariums with a good skimmer. Monitor the alkalinity level; it can drop slightly. The Ideal dosing spot would be at the beginning of the sump or before the skimmer. We recommend keeping the phosphate level no less than 0.02 mg/l.

Tip: Applying P- diluted in osmosis with a dosing pump to spread the daily dosage would be optimal to avoid rapid changes in phosphate that may cause issues.

IMPORTANT! P- may affect swirl worms of the genera Waminoa, Concolutriloba, and Acropora-eating flatworms. If present, remove as many flatworms as possible to minimize the release of toxins from the swirl worms.
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