Triton Infusion 100 ml

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Triton Infusion 100 ml
Nem Ballingos, tehát például kálciumreaktoros akváriumokhoz nyomelem koncentrátum 
The new modular TRITON Method Flexible, cheap and for all aquarium typesINFUSION is a blend of trace elements and other beneficial substances that allows you to use the TRITON method without having to use CORE7 Base Elements. Ideal for large aquariums with a calcium reactor or if another calcium supply system is used.A proprietary blend of beneficial substances that enhance the performance of algae-based nutrient control systems.Scientifically provenBased on a decade of research and developmentQuality assurance by TRITON LabAfter 10 years of development, the best way to run a reef system DIY.Infusion takes TRITON’s modular approach to the next level. The proven TRITON mix of elements and other beneficial substances, that were originally only available in the base elements, is now accessible for the users that don’t want to use Core7 for macro element supplementation (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfur, Bromide, etc….)
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